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  • Jesters

    Jesters are one of the most prominent figures in the DMT world.
    Often encountered as a trickster. It seems to be a malicious being, can be very scary to some and friendly to others.

    Hyperspace Lexicon description :
    Magical beings with the unmistakable appearance and character of clowns or jesters. They often attempt to pull the traveller into the experience they inhabit as consensus reality clowns would do to bystanders. They can be mean and make one feel bullied or ridiculed, or can help one feel liberated and finally ‘in on the joke’.


    Hyperspace Jesters: Could also be called Harlequins or fools. They truly resemble medieval jesters and harlequins… however, they are not silly or foolish in any way. They tend to be hyper-intelligent and might be the male versions of the Flirty Fairies. They have a fundamentally different nature that they are trying to show off, though. They like to show you things… objects. Often flashing Hyperspace tarot cards at you which, on their own, can impart reams of information to you when you look at them. They are similar enough to the “Machine Elves” that they could be the same species, only these guys tend to not be operating the machines… perhaps they are on break or vacation (essential nature – CRAFT).


    This was one of my first trips where I had actual visions, not a proper breakthrough, though. Before I entered the DMT circus ride, a jester came to ”check me out”. It appeared as a God head pylon like in Alex Grey’s ’Net of Being’. It had a long pointy nose and a long chin too. Its jester hat was green and yellow.
    With his sneering face he expressed that he wasn’t very impressed with me. ”Hahahaha! You think so highly of yourself. Who exactly do you think you are?” I could sense him ask me. Even with him not being that into me, I still liked the encounter and his apparent attitude to everything.


    “I’ve had multiple encounters(like 5-6 times) with a trickster jester type entity, slightly malicious but mostly just mischievous, that popped into my reality and warned me of some impending doom and shot a lightning bolt at my penis, and then laughing and vanishing and it actually caused me physical pain for like 10 minutes following! This exact same thing happened like 5-6 times😂”


    “I constantly encounter the tricky mischievous Jester. I have many goofy stories with that dude.”


    “Swirling black and white checkerboard patterns, with accents of red and green with Nutcracker/jester-like beings folding in and out of the patterns. As it came to an end I recall being ‘told’ , ” see you next time ” .”


    “EVERY TIME, even at below threshold dose, I get the jester archetype and theme, these jester characters play me with in my peripherals, they are like overlaid and ingrained in the geometric grid. Taunting me, beckoning me, welcoming me to play and engage.”

  • The dome / Chrysanthemum

    The dome is often the first stage of the trip. It can begin as a 2d image, unfolding to open a 3d space where entities of various sorts seems to be greeting and welcoming the tripper.

    Hyperspace Lexicon description :
    The Chrysanthemum : A gigantic, often spinning, kaleidoscopic fractal flower with a domelike appearance that turns into a doorway, either welcoming or blocking access to breakthrough Hyperspace.


    Terence McKenna description :
    “When you break into this space, you have several impressions simultaneously that are a kind of gestalt: First of all (and why, I don’t know) you have the impression that you are underground – far underground – you can’t say why, but there’s just this feeling of immense weight above you but you’re in a large space, a vaulted dome. People even call it “The DMT dome” I have said, had people say to me, “Have you been under the dome?” and I knew exactly what they meant.


    “I visited the chrysanthemum once. I was at the peak of shrooms, ripped the dmt, and experienced an infinitely unfolding fractal flower, blue and pink, complete and instant ego death. I also briefly seemed to tap into another human or entity’s consciousness and memories, which was shocking and radical, however it was but a vague recollection once the trip was over.”


    “I see it often at the beginning of the trip. Sometimes the walls are full of Hindu iconography, sometimes I see cat faces everywhere. At the top of the dome there is a kind of door. It appears circular to me and I often can see things coming from the door before I get through. There is often some kind of guide or guardian there, with the appearance of an old bearded man or a feline creature. After that I am in another space.”

  • Ganesha

    Ganesha is known as the Lord of New Beginnings, as the Initiator, Guardian of Gateways etc.. (dmt-nexus)

    Quote from “Elephanta: The Cave of Shiva” :
    “Another variant emphasizes Ganesha’s ambivalent, liminal character as a doorkeeper. The gods complained to Shiva that by granting boons to demons to become his devotees, he was making it impossible for the gods to conquer the demons; they asked him, therefore, to create obstacles for the demons. Shiva then created Ganesha as the Lord of Obstacles (Vighnesha) to create obstacles for evil people (like demons) and to remove obstacles in the way of good people (like gods). The elephant is well suited as a remover of obstacles, as his vehicle, the rat, who can gnaw through any obstacles to reach food or find his way out of any maze. Ganesha is worshiped at the beginning of any undertaking and so is appropriately stationed near the periphery of the Elephanta complex.”


    “I saw Ganesh who was at the time encircled by these beings which were just orbs of light. They parted and allowed me to walk to Ganesh who told me everything was gonna be alright and gave me a hug. The hug felt as if I was just bathed in all the love in the universe…. it gave me the courage to quit a job I hated and go to University… I’ve just completed my masters :). As an aside I then learned at university that Ganesha is the god of overcoming obstacles… had no idea of this before (studied anthropology).”


    “I remember seeing this half elephant half Buddha like creature I don’t remember much of a “conversation” just remember him and bright orange light around us, felt like I’ve known him already for a long time, mind you I’m a jew so was never interested/read about Hindu gods and Ganesha in particular, so as soon as I came out I searched “elephant dmt” on google and found alot of stories about Ganesha So I know for sure it was him”


    “This was a positive (I think?) encounter with something resembling the face of Ganesha, who wordlessly indicated that I was permitted to “pass through” something that I can’t quite remember.”


    “I’ve seen him too but he was a wall mural being woven / sung by hundreds of small ant-like entities. His image was a gateway which dissolved to reveal the breakthrough.”


    “Saw him on a breakthrough dmt trip.. He seemed quite cheerfull and danced, he made clear he wanted to show me something.. Started to twist and bend my whole conciousness through some wormhole kind of thing and on the other end was something heavenlike.. I was beyond good and evil and everything was as it should be.. it was one of 25 trips but one that I can still recall the feeling of.. Later i saw an image on google of Ganesh skipping and smiling and leading two people through some magical looking world which represented the whole experience quite well.”


    “Had Ganesh appear before me with a praying mantis above her head”


    “Then, in the middle of the clear mayan tiled ‘wall’, was a figure sitting in lotus position. Its hands were holding a glowing heart in front of its chest. In amazement, I blurted out in a whisper “i love you”… It began to move towards me, then centered itself above my heart, then lowered itself and sank into my heart as I watched in awe. I then looked up to see its face as this was happening, and saw that it was Ganesh. Then all the visions disappeared, and I lay there with tears in my eyes saying thank you, thank you, thank you.”


    “At this point, there was an orange interwoven tunnel, SWIM traveled this tunnel for a moment and then was lead to a figure that resembled Ganesh, though the Elephant head was not very distinguishable, the pose of the body was obvious. Now, this part seemed incredible to him because Swim is not a very “spiritual” or “religious” person. SWIM has NEVER thought about Ganesh for probably more than 2 seconds his entire life, so seeing this figure was very surprising because it simply appeared out of nowhere.”


    “Between the flowing fractal petals were small figures of elephants which resembled Ganesh, he was dressed in full ceremonial gear and was adorned with gems.”


    “I can remember thinking, ‘hmm could do with this stopping now’ and at that point what I can only describe as an elephant headed being appears to the left of my vision. Its made of the same tron like light/patterns but I can clearly sense/see it. It was wearing a kind of cloak, and basically communicated by saying/through thought that everything was alright, and reached out and touched me. It was then that I gradually started to come back to reality.”

  • Shiva

    Shiva is known as “the destroyer” of the world. In Shaivism tradition, Shiva is one of the supreme beings who creates, protects and transforms the universe. Shiva Nataraj’s dance represents both the destruction and the creation of the universe and reveals the cycles of death, birth and rebirth. He is a benevolent entity and a teacher. He can often be seen dancing.


    “I thought this experience was of note because I’ve noticed some discussion about encounters with such a cosmic dancer, most often assumed to be Shiva. The entity I encountered was kind of a blue purple color, and does seem very reminiscent of Shiva.”


    “I found myself suspended in what seemed like the center of the cosmos. I quickly discovered that I wasn’t alone. I was face to face (if I had had a face) with a blue-skinned dancing man with 4 arms which were holding various objects. He was surrounded by a bright, glowing and undulating blue-white light.
    […] About a month later I randomly stumbled across an image of Shiva online. I can truthfully say that I had NEVER seen an image of Shiva or knew anything about Shiva prior to finding this image. My jaw dropped when I saw the image of him and I began to read more about him. The descriptions of his dance and the fact that he represented creation and destruction coincided eerily with my experience.”


    “A gigantic room appeared, with a being that looked just like Shiva. He was welcoming and smiling. In front of him was a pool, and on the other side of the room, there was this giant well of light, going through the floor and ceiling.
    Inside it I could see some monks levitating.”


    “As I looked around me after breathing wasn’t taking all my attention, I saw him on my right side. He was human looking, with tarzan-like skurt as only clothe on him. He simply and calmly walked behind me, who was sitting, and squatted. He put his two hands over my head, and left. I was there, sitting in the Himalayas, bathing into hindo culture; and I had been blessed by Shiva for my journey to come in the DMT world.”

  • The guide

    The guide often appear at the beginning of the trip, in the dome or just after. He is sometimes seen as a little bearded man with a triangular hat.

    Hyperspace Lexicon description :
    Presenting itself as a calm, gentle, benevolent teacher, this personality was responsible for teaching me many lessons which seemed to be improving my life. This was my primary source of contact with the beings, and the “voice” that I felt like I had consistent access to, even sometimes while awake (see my comments on having “conversations with myself” ). He was also responsible for “pulling” me into hyperspace and other altered states on a few occasions (and possibly more than I realize).

  • Praying mantis

    The praying mantis are often considered as aliens. They are described as benevolent entities and often perform some medical surgery (most of the time brain surgery) on the tripper.

    “I eared “can you see them ?”, and a mantis face appeared, then its body. It took some little colored objects from my chest saying that I didn’t needed them. It said that they (the mantis people) were willing to help humans, that we just needed to ask for them and they would appear. I understood that it was some kind of duty to them.”


    “Smoked my way through the looking glass. I didn’t see any machine elves but I remember vividly… This dome surrounding me, it was like a fractal dome, immensely complex, it was like an MC Escher artpiece multiplied astronomically with the most brilliant technicolor. I saw a rather large praying mantis that also resembled a fractal. One thing I can surmise, possibly, is that our universe and fractals are interrelated.”


    “A huge paying mantis came near me. It was much taller than me. It told me to stay cam and stop beathing while it kind of opened my brain and worked on it with its long insectoïd arms. I could see the scene like if I was looking in a mirror. After a minute it was done and I could breath again. I felt so well for a moment, my mind was so peaceful and calm.”


    “It was fairly large, (8-9 feet) green, and only the front half of the body was visible. The body was fairly smooth without much detail, almost robotic. Right away i realized this was a praying mantis, even though it didn’t look like a bug specifically in terms of all the intricate details. But it was very real, and separate from me. It was floating and just moving its arms above me as it was doing something to me. I was totally hypnotized without any emotion or intellectual processing, any thought , or any sense of me or my body. I was just there observing that experience. The emotion was neutral, there was no emotion. The only reason I remembered this was when the day after a friend mentioned a praying mantis logo on a bottle, and I had a flashback of this moment, meaning that my brain was in a very deep hypnotic rem-like state.

    When I mentioned this to a friend, he told me that a bunch of people report and talk about entities on psychedelic experiences so I googled the praying mantis specifically. The crazy thing is that the 7-8 trip reports I found of people talking about mantis entities are described in the same way – the mantis floating above them, the emotional feeling being neutral, and the mantis performing some type of surgery or work on the person.”


    “Insectoid aliens were examining me at one point. Think human body with a mantis head. Very impartial to my presence. One of them reached into my body around the pelvic area and readjusted something, and I actually heard my body respond (ie that liquid moving around sound).”


    “At this time a very clear mantis image appeared and took a long hard look at the experiencer. “Really?!” was the only response the experiencer could come up with. “No, not really, you could not truly understand what we really are and so we appear like this to you…” (this from a mantis!)

    At this point the mantis-dominated visions gave way to a triangular imagery that emanated from the area of the third eye. The feeling was one of receiving huge amounts of raw data in a purely visual form. Open the eye — visions gone — close the eyes— visions instantly just as strong as before. It was at this point the voice from the mantis (or the guy in khakis — who knows?) said “If you keep focusing on these images you will die.” OK, eyes open. He elaborated further, “You must learn to see with your blind spot for that is where reality truly manifests from. See what you cannot see and you will know.””


    “Not to freak people out but these mantis being and or insect ours are not benevolent beings!! Warning!!!! Tell them to stay away from you!! I had one to F off literally several times!!!! When they go into your body they take DNA, females eggs, screw with your energy Center. Keep away they come in very innocently but in actuality they are harvesting things from humans, in the astral. Beware paychonaughts!!!”


    “Very quickly the surroundings become too intense to stay by the window and I decide to lie down on the sofa. I can sense the presence of an insectoid being. He seems to be watching me and I soon feel his limbs (at least 4) working on my electric body. Its actions are focused on dense energy points that I think are my nerves. I go back down and I feel that his work is not done …”

  • Operation table

    Hyperspace Lexicon description : A recurring, quite common theme of deep entheogenic journeys, where the traveler experiences being partially disassembled and operated upon by otherworldly ‘doctors’ or machinery. It may be a positive experience of care and healing, or in other situations evoke disturbing connotations. Clinical, ‘sci-fi’ themes and environments are quite common to these visions, and there is a notable parallel with alien abduction reports.

    The operation table often appears with the white aliens.

    “I’ve had trips where I was on an operating table with a computer monitor of some sort next to it and these unseen entities were standing over me doing studies and research on me and I watched different parts of my body pop up on the screen as they learned how they worked and then they asked me how I came to be there and I told them all about dmt and brought them through the process of how I made it while they watched. Then I felt like I was able to transfer to them my experiences as a human and teach them about our society”


    In The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo, Amaringo (a famous ayahuasca painter) recounts an ayahuasca experience he had while suffering from a serious heart condition. During the experience he found himself in an operating room where “spirit doctors” in white coats removed his heart, fixed it and placed it back in his chest. According to Amaringo, his heart problems ceased after this experience.


    “I was on a completely flat operating table, they were looking at me as I opened my eyes but I dont recall any surgery. I just remember opening my eyes and being surrounded by doctors, surgeons, staff and they were observing me, and I, them.”

  • Guardian / Gatekeeper

    This being seems to be guarding and prohibiting access to some places. People that met him often described having the feeling that they were in the wrong place.

    “I saw this giant being many times. He is prohibiting the access to some places, or finding me and bringing me to some being to talk to. He can see everything and opens dimensions like boxes.”


    “I see him on the sidelines of rooms I enter, like the way a stagehand would be slightly off stage. He adjusts huge spotlights and controls the experience Im having. Kind of like a giant roadie doing light and sound checks during the show. It reminds me of a wizard of oz type deal, like he’s the big man behind the screen controlling it all. I feel like I wasn’t supposed to see him, he didn’t make eye contact with me, or acknowledge me in any way.”


    “He didn’t tell me directly. But it sure made me feel unwelcome and like it didn’t want me there. Almost like he was guarding something that it didn’t want me to see or enter. Like something that the human mind shouldn’t have access to.”

  • The circus

    This place looks like a circus or a fun fair, with often trains or roller-coaster. It is a joyful place that is often encountered in the first experiences.
    The characters associated with this place are the Circus Ringleaders.


    “On YOPO I was stuck in a funhouse. First in the mirrored room and then the ramp upwards that goes up/down as you walk up. Then I was in the dark room path where spooky faces pop out. I saw a lot of fluorescent skeletons shaking and witches and a mad scientist. Then to leave the fun house was the cylinder that rotates and you have to walk through. After many tries I go through then jumped on a floating motorbike thing. It didn’t have handles you just used your mind.”

  • Machine Elves

    Hyperspace Lexicon description :
    Also known as Tykes. They are the primary inhabitants of the Hyperspace. Machine Elves seem to live in, and be part of, some kind of Folding Rooms, and appear to be capable of transforming their own shapes freely.

    Machine Elves are often linked to the Fabergé egg.


    Terrance McKenna description :
    They’re like jewelled self-dribbling basketballs and there are many of them and they come pounding toward you and they will stop in front of you and vibrate, but then they do a very disconcerting thing, which is they jump into your body and then they jump back out again and the whole thing is going on in a high-speed mode where you’re being presented with thousands of details per second and you can’t get ahold on [them …] and these things are saying “Don’t give in to astonishment”, which is exactly what you want to do. You want to go nuts with how crazy this is, and they say “Don’t do that. Pay attention to what we’re doing”. What they’re doing is making objects with their voices, singing structures into existence. They offer things to you, saying “Look at this! Look at this!” and as your attention goes towards these objects you realise that what you’re being shown is impossible. It’s not simply intricate, beautiful and hard to manufacture, it’s impossible to make these things. […]

  • Circus Ringleaders

    Hyperspace Lexicon description :
    These guys are all about showmanship. They are very much like the archetypal circus ringleader… often with coat and tails and a ridiculously cool top hat to boot. They may even have a baton, wand or fancy cane they use to direct your attention to one or another of Hyperspace’s awesome vistas or announce a show being put on for your entertainment. They are shamelessly promotional, but like the other natives of Hyperspace… they are also hyper-intelligent, telepathic, and frankly miraculous. If you are treated to a performance with a ringleader to help you take in the 3 ring (10 ring x 10 dimensions more likely) show, sit back and be ready to be amazed. (essential nature – ENTERTAINMENT & SHOWMANSHIP)

    Can be fund in The Circus.


    “Me and my friend took it at the same time. We both found ourselves in this giant circus place with roller coasters. There was a friendly being there, like a circus director. He shown us a kind of door in the sealing but we didn’t take enough and the trip was ending already.”


    “I visited some place like this, very mechanized, the circus world, the director was evil, smiling and two thousand big foot insect was crawling around.”

  • Fabergé egg

    Terence McKenna description :
    “These self-transforming machine elf creatures were speaking in a colored language which condensed into rotating machines that were like Fabergé eggs but crafted out of luminescent superconducting ceramics and liquid crystal gels. All this stuff was just so weird and so alien and so un-English-able that it was a complete shock — I mean, the literal turning inside out of [my] intellectual universe!”


    “A group of machine elves (or other lesser entities, I’m not sure) were playfully competing among themselves. They were “singing” bizarre objects into existence and constantly outdoing each other with the next toy/machine/object. I remember being confused if they were trying to show off their skills to me or if they were just passing time among themselves. I think my presence didn’t interest them that much. 

    The machines ranged from beautiful shining Fabergé egg -like objects to bizarre alien toys with conveyor belts and cartooney dog heads spewing some kind of liquid through horns on the tops of their heads. The discourse of the machine elves was something along the lines of: ”Hey look at this! Haha you think that’s something, huh? Look at this!! No, no, no… Look at this!” The beings were very child-like and silly in nature. Watching them play was comforting.”

  • Mother Goddess

    Hyperspace Lexicon description :
    A huge, bright, feminine Goddess. Might be identified with Ostara, Isis, or Mother Mary, yet transcending identification with these earthly images. Bright, really bright light, caring, loving, caressing away all pain and all tears. A kalonkinesioöptic experience with an explicit feminine character. May in some instances materialize as disjunct impressions and images of femininity, lips, vulvas, eyes, all loving, both maternal and sexual.


    “I’ve been carried around in a basket as if I was a baby by a female mother goddess through a shopping mall of sorts where other gods and goddesses were shopping for different components to build realities, and we were in a store for skies and the entity that was carrying me brought me over to the others and they were all marveling over me like I was a cute little baby.”


    “I have encountered a divine female entity that was very loving and comforting but also very powerful. I really don’t every have contacts with her where I see her because often she is so large I can barely perceive her other than as an all encompassing presence.”

  • Octopus

    “I saw an octopus-like entity on dmt (cthulu?). It was feminine, it encomassed my entire reality, and it had endless geometric tentacles which I was zooming into and out of. There were also ribbons of eyeballs, pyramids, and hieroglyphics.”


    “I had a very similar experience but it was a male octopus entity. I kinda get the vibe that it was genderless and just presented as a male because it felt like it could make a connection with me.”


    “I had this kind of experience but i just named it the eighth dimensional being and it stretched forever in a finiite space while i was in it and in multiple set places in it showing me higher consciousness.”

  • Yoga teachers

    “I saw some colored lightnings in the sky followed by a huge train of fire coming down on me at high speed. I was a bit afraid.
    When it came closer I could see that it was made of an infinite number of bodies in crazy yoga postures. They were doing impossible stuff and melting into each other. The “train” kept flying around me, and I could see the postures changing.”


    “They weren’t so much in a line as in a geometric grid of sorts that was comprising the entire space. They were all connected physically at all times yet also moving and performing a sacred asana. There was something distinctly human about them and I was positive that all of them had lived human lives before. They were gentle and fierce in their communication which was psychically somatic (information directly deposited into my body). They’re message was about the magic that is stored in our bodies that can be accessed through movement practice. It was also an assurance that the yogic lineage is everyone’s birthright, a direct line to our ascended ancestors. They moved into my body and showed me where I was holding tension and trauma that was waiting to be transformed.”

  • The faceless man

    The faceless man often comes with a lesson. He seems to be linked to the straw men.

    “I saw this faceless man, dressed in a white and black suit. His skin was smooth, like he was wearing a tissue mask. He appeared hopping in a sort of large hallway and seemed to be waiting for me.”


    “He took me into an interrogation room. Asked me why I was there and what I have learned. After answering his questions he says to me telepathically “You’re done here” spins me around and sends me down the universes biggest escalator. When I reach the bottom of the escalator I reenter my body.”

  • The straw men

    The straw men are virtual characters commanded by another intelligence, created for the sole purpose of teaching a lesson.
    They sometimes appear with the faceless man.

    Hyperspace Lexicon description :
    Not so much independent entities in themselves, more like puppets with a consistent theme used to emphasize various lessons. A counterpoint to the other “human spirits” who posed as my peers that I was to emulate, these characters were the fall guys, complete idiots meant to look obviously foolish to serve as examples of things I shouldn’t do. Sometimes they were used to represent negative characteristics of my own personality. Most frequently, they were used in “classroom”-themed allegorical lessons implicitly demanding my trust and respect, showing me what happens to foolish “students” who do things that displease them. Most of these lessons boiled down to transparent (with the benefit of hindsight) ad hominem or straw man fallacies.


    “I saw a strange humanoid-looking character running in the distance, but with an extremely long neck and no face or expression either. I followed him and we came to a round table at which several of these beings were seated. I understood then that they were only puppets, kinds of straw men, virtual characters commanded by another intelligence, created for the sole purpose of teaching me a lesson.
    I will not give the details of the lesson because they are too personal, but it was limpid and clear and of the type: “beware, if you do that, this is what will happen to you”.”

  • Fairies

    Hyperspace Lexicon description :
    They resemble traditional fairies and often actually have wings. Flirty Fairies can appear more “nymphish” as well. They are fluid and transforming… slowly pulsing with light at times, but generally hold the form of beautiful women who are overflowing with beauty and joy… so much so that they can barely stay within their skins. They squirm and pose, bat their eyelashes, wink and play in a nearly burlesque fashion… often stripping for you. An interesting note about them is that they even do this for heterosexual women. In fact, it doesn’t seem to be sexually motivated, but rather an expression or flowering of their essential beautiful nature (essential nature – BEAUTY).


    “I had little silly looking fairy people vigorously wallpapering the inside of my skull with really beautiful images.”

  • Egyptian Gods

    Egyptian gods are very common on DMT for some people. Users usually report seeing Anubis, Isis, Osiris, Horus or Sekhmet.
    Hyperspace lexicon description of “Gods and Goddess” :
    These beings actually do resemble various cultural archetypal godheads. There are Hindu, Egyptian, Mayan, Celtic, African and plenty of unrecognizable types. They tend to be more sci-fi than you would imagine them from only reading sacred books. They are capable of taking a keen interest in you, and despite being oceanic in comparison to the Genii or the Wizards… they don’t usually judge you, but rather have a kind-of infinite compassion… although you can’t always count on that. They are of different temperaments and personalities, and it is rare to see more than one of them on any given journey.

  • Anubis

    Anubis is the Egyptian god of afterlife and the underworld, usually depicted as a canine or a man with a canine head. See Anubis on Wikipedia.

    “I immediately found myself thrown into a crowd of mythological characters. I clearly distinguish some of them, and they all seemed to be part of the Egyptian pantheon. One of them looked just like Anubis, standing near a door on the wall. The door was open but the other side was dark and I couldn’t see through.”


    “I see Anubis standing on the right side of the rainbow along with another (I’m not sure which) Egyptian god standing on the other side Of the rainbow both staring at me, although when I try to focus on a face it just got blurrier. I then notice hundreds if not thousands of these glowing light creatures made of many different colors standing on the cube behind the Egyptian gods.”


    “Saw Anubis, who was surrounded by the planets orbiting him with the sun above his head. He began to try to explain to me the origins of Easter and instantly zapped multiple words into my head at once : Ishtar, Astarte, Aether, Asheroth, Innana, Asherah, and more I can’t remember.”


    “I looked up and this infinitely tall dog headed godlike form was holding a torch and asked me to follow him. I didn’t really know who Anubis was by name or by too much detail before this trip so I googled it after and it absolutely blew my mind a second time.”


    “After looking around for a bit, a being then vibrated in front of me. The only way I can describe this thing was that it looked like Anubis, but with chunkier ears that are tilting backwards a bit and with white and black circle patterns on its face and body.. I start looking around and its amazing! I can see ancient architecture that’s made out of a grey/yellow stone.”

  • Sekhmet

    Sekhmet (Sakhmet) is one of the oldest known Egyptian deities. Her name is derived from the Egyptian word “Sekhem” (which means “power” or “might”) and is often translated as the “Powerful One” or “She who is Powerful”. She is depicted as a lion-headed woman, sometimes with the addition of a sun disc on her head. Sekhmet on Wikipedia.

    “So I said to myself “great an alien! That’s what I wanted”, but just next to him were a few people that looked just like Egyptians gods, namely Horus and, I guess, Sekhmet.
    There was also a giant bald woman in the background.”


    “I came to a corridor full of what I immediately recognized as egyptian deities. Anubis was there along with Isis and Sekhmet.”

  • Aliens

    Hyperspace Lexicon description :
    While all of these beings are technically aliens, these guys strike you immediately as being alien. They are so different from us as to be outside of our myths, or at least their minds feel far more foreign than other sorts of entities you encounter. Often you come to them in their own realms when you pop out on the other side of a Hyperspace journey. Equally often, they might come to you. They are generally not as scary as they look, but more interested in studying how far we humans have come. These guys include the insectoids (like the Praying Mantis), the reptilians (of various sorts), and more amorphous and nebulous intelligences.

    The following report is from a man describing his encounter with aliens (this is using an oil pipe for dmt) :
    “[…]I’d say smallish, greeny grey but not light grey. I was standing in front of a group of around five, I believe these five where a family, a unit. It felt as if they felt intrigued by me and trusted me to allow this. I believe fully I’ve been  examined, internally. I believe I had my sperm collected and was informed that they took this to take elsewhere, to restart us our species again. I’m 49 years old, I have four children. I never felt threatened in any way. . I also believe the inspection, the inspectors highlighted my damaged right legs cardio issues, and they couldn’t understand why I had compromised this by self harm, they had disdain for smoking the poison tobacco. I believe they showed me that we had been introduced to earth as a species long ago, but now our time here was nearly ending. I felt some one or something step into my body, I was upright, and they stepped inside of me.”

  • Grey Alien

    “Also had a grey looking type alien with blue skin and white glowing eyes peering at me through a giant purple tear in a black void before”


    “There were 3 standing in front of me, one in the middle was wearing a sweet red cloak/robe with a really high collar and i instantly felt like this guy had some authority. There were no fractals, everything was crisp HD realer than real. I felt so stunned and awestruck to where i couldn’t think of anything other than holy fuck aliens. They didn’t do to much though, felt like they were assessing me for a bit and then i got sent back. Could now open my eyes again but i felt like a puppet with someone else pulling my strings for a few minutes. very weird.”


    “I broke through for the first time and had what you would call your typical alien abduction. I was not probed or anything like that but I exhaled and when I closed my eyes there were 6 gray aliens waiting for me and they kept showing me patterns and it felt like a exchange of information I learned about them and they learned about me.”

  • White Aliens

    “Tall, thin, glowing white “alien” beings with big solid gray-blue eyes, highly skilled on the workings of my body, gave me advice on how to calm the physical anxiety I was feeling on the journey and in real life (surprise, it works).”


    “A very large being, maybe 15 feet tall appeared to me. He was the classical looking green alien, but his skin was white. He reached down to me and his middle finger touched my chest and he filled me with warmth and love and reminding me that I’m gonna be OK and that this is just a drug.”

  • Elevator, Dimensional

    Hyperspace Lexicon description :
    Similar to a terrestrial elevator, this is a small space that travelers can find themselves in, or purposefully use, which seems to rise at great speed through a multitude of higher & extra dimensional spaces. At various intervals it opens up on a new vista or room where one can choose to get out and interact, or stay in the elevator and continue to ascend. The feeling of rising is often accompanied by a rising Carrier wave.


    “I was in a kind of elevator going up. I could see different scenes going on at each stage. One of them was like a movie made for me. I could see myself on a big balloon on the water, struggling to stay on the top when the balloon was sniping. Seeing the scene from the distance of the elevator made me realize that the “me” on the balloon had to let it go, to tel himself be submerged in order to rise back on the other side.”

  • Hypercube / metatrons cube

    “I asked him “what is this place? why am I here? I’m on dmt right?” etc, and he said coldly, with a straight face and a no nonsense tone, “shut up and start over.” I sat back and contemplated for a moment when he said this, and he handed me some kind of device made up of colorful fractals. it was a shape that cant exist in a 3d reality.. the closest comparison i can draw up is a metatrons cube in full dimension, or an interdimensional rubix cube. he told me again to “shut up and start over”, and i began pressing and turning and unlocking pieces of the device.”


    “I’ve been handed that sort of other-dimensional cube type thing that I somehow knew how to use until I started trying to consciously do it.”


    “In my latest trip, I did a heavy dose of some purified white dmt. It was .03, but there was much more residue from the previous persons blast than I accounted for. I’m guessing it was closer to .045
    After dying, then being blasted through the universe at warp speed… I was confronted by what looked similar to a Mayan God… And then it showed me the most complex geometric pattern I could comprehend. I’ll do my best to describe it, but as we know that is quite challenging.
    It looked like a mass of large cylindrical tubes that were symmetrically mirrored vertically. They were moving, yet still kept their formation, like the walls of the tubes were flowing. In the tubes were INSANE multi dimensional diamonds that were buzzing through these tubes in a way that can only be described as fucking insane. The diamonds flowing through these tube were beyond comprehension. I can not explain the way they looked any better. The entity was behind the fixture and looked to be controlling its movement while staring so intensely at me that it felt like my soul was completely vulnerable and open. After that I just broke and that reality shattered into super intense geometric patterns and as they came, they also faded away… And then I started to come back. I could start to see my friends and my house again and I was so appreciative to be on earth again. It was beautiful, but something tells me I need to go back again.”