Hyperspace Lexicon description :
While all of these beings are technically aliens, these guys strike you immediately as being alien. They are so different from us as to be outside of our myths, or at least their minds feel far more foreign than other sorts of entities you encounter. Often you come to them in their own realms when you pop out on the other side of a Hyperspace journey. Equally often, they might come to you. They are generally not as scary as they look, but more interested in studying how far we humans have come. These guys include the insectoids (like the Praying Mantis), the reptilians (of various sorts), and more amorphous and nebulous intelligences.

The following report is from a man describing his encounter with aliens (this is using an oil pipe for dmt) :
“[…]I’d say smallish, greeny grey but not light grey. I was standing in front of a group of around five, I believe these five where a family, a unit. It felt as if they felt intrigued by me and trusted me to allow this. I believe fully I’ve been  examined, internally. I believe I had my sperm collected and was informed that they took this to take elsewhere, to restart us our species again. I’m 49 years old, I have four children. I never felt threatened in any way. . I also believe the inspection, the inspectors highlighted my damaged right legs cardio issues, and they couldn’t understand why I had compromised this by self harm, they had disdain for smoking the poison tobacco. I believe they showed me that we had been introduced to earth as a species long ago, but now our time here was nearly ending. I felt some one or something step into my body, I was upright, and they stepped inside of me.”

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