Guardian / Gatekeeper

This being seems to be guarding and prohibiting access to some places. People that met him often described having the feeling that they were in the wrong place.

“I saw this giant being many times. He is prohibiting the access to some places, or finding me and bringing me to some being to talk to. He can see everything and opens dimensions like boxes.”


“I see him on the sidelines of rooms I enter, like the way a stagehand would be slightly off stage. He adjusts huge spotlights and controls the experience Im having. Kind of like a giant roadie doing light and sound checks during the show. It reminds me of a wizard of oz type deal, like he’s the big man behind the screen controlling it all. I feel like I wasn’t supposed to see him, he didn’t make eye contact with me, or acknowledge me in any way.”


“He didn’t tell me directly. But it sure made me feel unwelcome and like it didn’t want me there. Almost like he was guarding something that it didn’t want me to see or enter. Like something that the human mind shouldn’t have access to.”