Yoga teachers

“I saw some colored lightnings in the sky followed by a huge train of fire coming down on me at high speed. I was a bit afraid.
When it came closer I could see that it was made of an infinite number of bodies in crazy yoga postures. They were doing impossible stuff and melting into each other. The “train” kept flying around me, and I could see the postures changing.”


“They weren’t so much in a line as in a geometric grid of sorts that was comprising the entire space. They were all connected physically at all times yet also moving and performing a sacred asana. There was something distinctly human about them and I was positive that all of them had lived human lives before. They were gentle and fierce in their communication which was psychically somatic (information directly deposited into my body). They’re message was about the magic that is stored in our bodies that can be accessed through movement practice. It was also an assurance that the yogic lineage is everyone’s birthright, a direct line to our ascended ancestors. They moved into my body and showed me where I was holding tension and trauma that was waiting to be transformed.”