Elevator, Dimensional

Hyperspace Lexicon description :
Similar to a terrestrial elevator, this is a small space that travelers can find themselves in, or purposefully use, which seems to rise at great speed through a multitude of higher & extra dimensional spaces. At various intervals it opens up on a new vista or room where one can choose to get out and interact, or stay in the elevator and continue to ascend. The feeling of rising is often accompanied by a rising Carrier wave.


“I was in a kind of elevator going up. I could see different scenes going on at each stage. One of them was like a movie made for me. I could see myself on a big balloon on the water, struggling to stay on the top when the balloon was sniping. Seeing the scene from the distance of the elevator made me realize that the “me” on the balloon had to let it go, to tel himself be submerged in order to rise back on the other side.”