Operation table

Hyperspace Lexicon description : A recurring, quite common theme of deep entheogenic journeys, where the traveler experiences being partially disassembled and operated upon by otherworldly ‘doctors’ or machinery. It may be a positive experience of care and healing, or in other situations evoke disturbing connotations. Clinical, ‘sci-fi’ themes and environments are quite common to these visions, and there is a notable parallel with alien abduction reports.

The operation table often appears with the white aliens.

“I’ve had trips where I was on an operating table with a computer monitor of some sort next to it and these unseen entities were standing over me doing studies and research on me and I watched different parts of my body pop up on the screen as they learned how they worked and then they asked me how I came to be there and I told them all about dmt and brought them through the process of how I made it while they watched. Then I felt like I was able to transfer to them my experiences as a human and teach them about our society”


In The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo, Amaringo (a famous ayahuasca painter) recounts an ayahuasca experience he had while suffering from a serious heart condition. During the experience he found himself in an operating room where “spirit doctors” in white coats removed his heart, fixed it and placed it back in his chest. According to Amaringo, his heart problems ceased after this experience.


“I was on a completely flat operating table, they were looking at me as I opened my eyes but I dont recall any surgery. I just remember opening my eyes and being surrounded by doctors, surgeons, staff and they were observing me, and I, them.”