Circus Ringleaders

Hyperspace Lexicon description :
These guys are all about showmanship. They are very much like the archetypal circus ringleader… often with coat and tails and a ridiculously cool top hat to boot. They may even have a baton, wand or fancy cane they use to direct your attention to one or another of Hyperspace’s awesome vistas or announce a show being put on for your entertainment. They are shamelessly promotional, but like the other natives of Hyperspace… they are also hyper-intelligent, telepathic, and frankly miraculous. If you are treated to a performance with a ringleader to help you take in the 3 ring (10 ring x 10 dimensions more likely) show, sit back and be ready to be amazed. (essential nature – ENTERTAINMENT & SHOWMANSHIP)

Can be fund in The Circus.


“Me and my friend took it at the same time. We both found ourselves in this giant circus place with roller coasters. There was a friendly being there, like a circus director. He shown us a kind of door in the sealing but we didn’t take enough and the trip was ending already.”


“I visited some place like this, very mechanized, the circus world, the director was evil, smiling and two thousand big foot insect was crawling around.”

3 thoughts on “Circus Ringleaders”

  1. In 2018, I spent a couple hours with the circus ringleader. He wore a vest and top hat. I drew a pic of him and added it to my trip report which I wrote immediately after the experience. Showmanship, grandiosity, and benevolence absolutely describe him. I called his personality ” larger than life” and compared him to Jim Carrey’s character in “Mask” but without a sinister edge. Going into the experience I had only ever heard that Terrance McKenna called DMT entities “Machine Elves”. I didn’t know there were various entities and I had certainly never heard of the circus ring leader. I didn’t see the circus but it was ayahuasca (and not a huge dose), not pure DMT. After the fact, I named this entity “Monty”. He put on a bit of a show and I laughed harder and for longer than I’d ever laughed before or since.

    1. This is Jen, commenting on my own post above. I had forgotten until I went back and read through my original report that “Monty” briefly showed me a carnival s scene when he switched on a light after making it dark. So there’s that too! Also, I realized my ayahuasca retreat was in 2019. I’m happy to rewrite my whole comment.

  2. i just started using dmt for theraputic reasons but i saw jesters sometimes and it was not fun, that said last time i saw a train and a small guy with a top hat popped out the steam chimney and tipped his top hat i laughed so hard really good experience and hes exactly as you describe how peculiar lol i wouldnt mind seeing your drawing

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