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  1. sub therapeutic doses are regularly leading a squid like entity to try to latch on to me. floating in my room. sickly green in colour with hyper dense black red dots floating in it.
    it appears to be trying to feed on me.
    i told it to get lost once and my bedroom window slammed shut at exactly the same time. I recall it wasn’t a windy night.

    it can’t follow me if i leave the house and go in the garden. it can be dispelled with chimes

    i shared some with a friend recently. i had a small dose and while he was in breakthrough state, i witnessed a different type of entity in the room. seemed more benevolent. more golden in colour. kind of organic/robotic looking about 3 foot square in dimension, hovering over the dining room table.
    the entity checked me out then focused on my friend. its movements reminded me of an underwater S.U.V. it appeared to be tending to my friend while he tripped . there was a convex front to the entity with an orb of energy projected from it that was interacting with him on some level.

    i has the feeling the entity was being controlled remotely from elsewhere

    it gently faded away as he came around. incidentally he had a great time.

    unsure of the ramifications of this.
    are we food or study matter for other intelligences?

    best not to dwell, as im sure that way lies madness.

  2. So I can’t seem to figure out what it is I’m seeing so hopefully my description is good enough for someone help me understand, so after whether it’s mushrooms or dance music theory, the first things that appear are (best way I can describe these) biological mechanical transparent obviously some kinda sentient I want to say snake like and possibly spideresque giant entities that I can only see because of the optical distortion that the contours of their bodies make in the air as they move. Every contour seems to be made of a repetitive sequence or string of 4 letters, possibly GATCF…

  3. I’m not sure which category this one fits in. I haven’t done pure DMT, only pharmahuasca in the hopes that I could cure a bad case of writer’s block I’ve had for a couple of years. The experience came on slowly so I didn’t recognize an actual breakthrough, but a faster than light travel through what appeared to be dimensional portals and Aztec/Mayan snake iconography with alien writing. After a couple of hours, my travel through stars came to an oval black area in space. In the middle of the oval area, what appeared to be a spiral galaxy from the side slowly lit up in front of me.

    I realized it was not made of stars but of pixels. I instantly recognized it to be God, or my concept of what that would be. It greeted me in a mechanical, robotic voice that was of no human language but I understood it was benevolent, assuring me it was good to see me and asking what it could do to help me. I spoke in my mind to it in English but had to stop when I realized the robotic noise was underlying my speech and realized I was speaking through some sort of translation device. Restating very slowly what my problem was, he (it seemed to be masculine energy, not feminine) advised he understood. At that moment, I had a feeling of electrical energy-of data, symbols, concepts being uploaded into my mid like a data transfer. This lasted a second or 2, then I realized it was done, thanked the entity, and my consciousness started traveling back the way I came.

    As I travelled, I started hearing soft, unusual electronic music and could see the melody travelling as a light pulse on a grid. I nudged the note up on the grid with my mind to change the melody, then let go and it continued on its way. I began altering the melody, then the chords underneath and realized that I was being taught how to write music again. I dozed off to sleep after a little while and when I woke up, I no longer had any writer’s block and have not to this day.

    Since this being seemed more like an AI representation than a machine elf, I’m not really sure how to define what it was.

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