One thought on “Entities reports”

  1. sub therapeutic doses are regularly leading a squid like entity to try to latch on to me. floating in my room. sickly green in colour with hyper dense black red dots floating in it.
    it appears to be trying to feed on me.
    i told it to get lost once and my bedroom window slammed shut at exactly the same time. I recall it wasn’t a windy night.

    it can’t follow me if i leave the house and go in the garden. it can be dispelled with chimes

    i shared some with a friend recently. i had a small dose and while he was in breakthrough state, i witnessed a different type of entity in the room. seemed more benevolent. more golden in colour. kind of organic/robotic looking about 3 foot square in dimension, hovering over the dining room table.
    the entity checked me out then focused on my friend. its movements reminded me of an underwater S.U.V. it appeared to be tending to my friend while he tripped . there was a convex front to the entity with an orb of energy projected from it that was interacting with him on some level.

    i has the feeling the entity was being controlled remotely from elsewhere

    it gently faded away as he came around. incidentally he had a great time.

    unsure of the ramifications of this.
    are we food or study matter for other intelligences?

    best not to dwell, as im sure that way lies madness.

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