Grey Alien

“Also had a grey looking type alien with blue skin and white glowing eyes peering at me through a giant purple tear in a black void before”


“There were 3 standing in front of me, one in the middle was wearing a sweet red cloak/robe with a really high collar and i instantly felt like this guy had some authority. There were no fractals, everything was crisp HD realer than real. I felt so stunned and awestruck to where i couldn’t think of anything other than holy fuck aliens. They didn’t do to much though, felt like they were assessing me for a bit and then i got sent back. Could now open my eyes again but i felt like a puppet with someone else pulling my strings for a few minutes. very weird.”


“I broke through for the first time and had what you would call your typical alien abduction. I was not probed or anything like that but I exhaled and when I closed my eyes there were 6 gray aliens waiting for me and they kept showing me patterns and it felt like a exchange of information I learned about them and they learned about me.”

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