Jesters are one of the most prominent figures in the DMT world.
Often encountered as a trickster. It seems to be a malicious being, can be very scary to some and friendly to others.

Hyperspace Lexicon description :
Magical beings with the unmistakable appearance and character of clowns or jesters. They often attempt to pull the traveller into the experience they inhabit as consensus reality clowns would do to bystanders. They can be mean and make one feel bullied or ridiculed, or can help one feel liberated and finally ‘in on the joke’.


Hyperspace Jesters: Could also be called Harlequins or fools. They truly resemble medieval jesters and harlequins… however, they are not silly or foolish in any way. They tend to be hyper-intelligent and might be the male versions of the Flirty Fairies. They have a fundamentally different nature that they are trying to show off, though. They like to show you things… objects. Often flashing Hyperspace tarot cards at you which, on their own, can impart reams of information to you when you look at them. They are similar enough to the “Machine Elves” that they could be the same species, only these guys tend to not be operating the machines… perhaps they are on break or vacation (essential nature – CRAFT).


This was one of my first trips where I had actual visions, not a proper breakthrough, though. Before I entered the DMT circus ride, a jester came to ”check me out”. It appeared as a God head pylon like in Alex Grey’s ’Net of Being’. It had a long pointy nose and a long chin too. Its jester hat was green and yellow.
With his sneering face he expressed that he wasn’t very impressed with me. ”Hahahaha! You think so highly of yourself. Who exactly do you think you are?” I could sense him ask me. Even with him not being that into me, I still liked the encounter and his apparent attitude to everything.


“I’ve had multiple encounters(like 5-6 times) with a trickster jester type entity, slightly malicious but mostly just mischievous, that popped into my reality and warned me of some impending doom and shot a lightning bolt at my penis, and then laughing and vanishing and it actually caused me physical pain for like 10 minutes following! This exact same thing happened like 5-6 times😂”


“I constantly encounter the tricky mischievous Jester. I have many goofy stories with that dude.”


“Swirling black and white checkerboard patterns, with accents of red and green with Nutcracker/jester-like beings folding in and out of the patterns. As it came to an end I recall being ‘told’ , ” see you next time ” .”


“EVERY TIME, even at below threshold dose, I get the jester archetype and theme, these jester characters play me with in my peripherals, they are like overlaid and ingrained in the geometric grid. Taunting me, beckoning me, welcoming me to play and engage.”

3 thoughts on “Jesters”

  1. Just had my first DMT breakthrough and encountered a “Jester” type entity.

  2. deepdigger says:

    I had multiple jesters flying around the dome on some sort of vehicles, I was just laughing at how much fun they were having. (I was actually laughing, my trip sitter filmed it). They were having a great time. They looked really cheeky and mischievous.

  3. Robert Bobbertson says:

    First serious experience a jester slid out of the wall in a 90 degree corner as if someone slipped mail under my door. It turned it’s and looked at me then reached out it’s arm and grabbed the wall which turned into a curtain somehow. The jester threw back the curtain and bam! Flapping tarot cards that appeared like Beatles wings. I looked at a card and suddenly the white beings where in front of me, I felt very warm and comfortable. I started to hear what sounded like knitting needles, then these instruments came down and started fiddling and doing something. I was aware and could feel something, no pain, very pleasant almost. Anyway when I came to my bakers cyst which I have had for ten years was gone. I don’t know how to explain what happened other than a miracle. I was healed with plant medicine!

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