Mother Goddess

Hyperspace Lexicon description :
A huge, bright, feminine Goddess. Might be identified with Ostara, Isis, or Mother Mary, yet transcending identification with these earthly images. Bright, really bright light, caring, loving, caressing away all pain and all tears. A kalonkinesioöptic experience with an explicit feminine character. May in some instances materialize as disjunct impressions and images of femininity, lips, vulvas, eyes, all loving, both maternal and sexual.


“I’ve been carried around in a basket as if I was a baby by a female mother goddess through a shopping mall of sorts where other gods and goddesses were shopping for different components to build realities, and we were in a store for skies and the entity that was carrying me brought me over to the others and they were all marveling over me like I was a cute little baby.”


“I have encountered a divine female entity that was very loving and comforting but also very powerful. I really don’t every have contacts with her where I see her because often she is so large I can barely perceive her other than as an all encompassing presence.”

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