Objects reports

This section is dedicated to DMT objects.
You can post your testimonies about objects here in the comments. The testimonies will then be added to the wiki if they correlate to another one.
Thank you !

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  1. In my latest trip, I did a heavy dose of some purified white dmt. It was .03, but there was much more residue from the previous persons blast than I accounted for. I’m guessing it was closer to .045
    After dying, then being blasted through the universe at warp speed… I was confronted by what looked similar to a Mayan God… And then it showed me the most complex geometric pattern I could comprehend. I’ll do my best to describe it, but as we know that is quite challenging.
    It looked like a mass of large cylindrical tubes that were symmetrically mirrored vertically. They were moving, yet still kept their formation, like the walls of the tubes were flowing. In the tubes were INSANE multi dimensional diamonds that were buzzing through these tubes in a way that can only be described as fucking insane. The diamonds flowing through these tube were beyond comprehension. I can not explain the way they looked any better. The entity was behind the fixture and looked to be controlling its movement while staring so intensely at me that it felt like my soul was completely vulnerable and open. After that I just broke and that reality shattered into super intense geometric patterns and as they came, they also faded away… And then I started to come back. I could start to see my friends and my house again and I was so appreciative to be on earth again. It was beautiful, but something tells me I need to go back again.

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