“I saw an octopus-like entity on dmt (cthulu?). It was feminine, it encomassed my entire reality, and it had endless geometric tentacles which I was zooming into and out of. There were also ribbons of eyeballs, pyramids, and hieroglyphics.”


“I had a very similar experience but it was a male octopus entity. I kinda get the vibe that it was genderless and just presented as a male because it felt like it could make a connection with me.”


“I had this kind of experience but i just named it the eighth dimensional being and it stretched forever in a finiite space while i was in it and in multiple set places in it showing me higher consciousness.”

One thought on “Octopus”

  1. Captain Cubensis 420 says:

    I only took 1 hit and within about 10 seconds things dissolved around me into what felt like a digital world with bright colours and shapes . I found myslef lying on an operating table with low buzzing sounds and vibrations in my ears. An Octopus like machine ( like the probes in war of the worlds with Tom Cruise but it had 8 or more arms ) started scanning my entire body individually with various coloured lights and sounds going through me as it scanned , it stopped on my lungs and made a red light to highlight my lungs , i knew that it knew i had asthma as a kid , I also have a filling missing from my one of my large molar teeth and am seeing a dentist tomorrow but it also scanned and stopped on my mouth to show me it knows what the problem is there with my tooth . I could not believe what was happening but at the same time I felt so good like I was in good hands …Then suddenly I felt as if I could not breathe so i sat up fast and the digital word faded away. I was back in my room , blown away with amazement , trying to grasp what had just happened….nothing can compare you a for Dmt experience no matter how much someone tries to explain it to you and how much you prepare yourself for the experience. Wow ! Best part of this all was I had extracted and made this dmt myself and know it is clean as can be with nothing else added, it’s as pure as can be 😎🤙

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