Shiva is known as “the destroyer” of the world. In Shaivism tradition, Shiva is one of the supreme beings who creates, protects and transforms the universe. Shiva Nataraj’s dance represents both the destruction and the creation of the universe and reveals the cycles of death, birth and rebirth. He is a benevolent entity and a teacher. He can often be seen dancing.


“I thought this experience was of note because I’ve noticed some discussion about encounters with such a cosmic dancer, most often assumed to be Shiva. The entity I encountered was kind of a blue purple color, and does seem very reminiscent of Shiva.”


“I found myself suspended in what seemed like the center of the cosmos. I quickly discovered that I wasn’t alone. I was face to face (if I had had a face) with a blue-skinned dancing man with 4 arms which were holding various objects. He was surrounded by a bright, glowing and undulating blue-white light.
[…] About a month later I randomly stumbled across an image of Shiva online. I can truthfully say that I had NEVER seen an image of Shiva or knew anything about Shiva prior to finding this image. My jaw dropped when I saw the image of him and I began to read more about him. The descriptions of his dance and the fact that he represented creation and destruction coincided eerily with my experience.”


“A gigantic room appeared, with a being that looked just like Shiva. He was welcoming and smiling. In front of him was a pool, and on the other side of the room, there was this giant well of light, going through the floor and ceiling.
Inside it I could see some monks levitating.”


“As I looked around me after breathing wasn’t taking all my attention, I saw him on my right side. He was human looking, with tarzan-like skurt as only clothe on him. He simply and calmly walked behind me, who was sitting, and squatted. He put his two hands over my head, and left. I was there, sitting in the Himalayas, bathing into hindo culture; and I had been blessed by Shiva for my journey to come in the DMT world.”

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  1. I recall a moment very similar to to this illustration of shiva, where I was inside this gigantic sphere. There was a blue energetic being meditating in the centre.
    I had this feeling that if this being opened its eyes I would be destroyed or worst, found out! So i was very careful not to disturb.

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